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Women Empowerment

Even after six decades of independence, the news of gender discrimination are not rare or uncommon in our country. We Are Human Foundation has committed itself to make all the efforts to eliminate this evil from the society and bridge the gap between the two genders.


Our society being a male dominant society for generations has given birth to classification of genders are superior and inferior, the women still being treated as lesser humans and the inferior or the secondary class.


We Are Human Foundation believe that the women are equally privileged children of God at par with the males, and hence they must enjoy equal and parallel economic, cultural and political opportunities.


WAH Objective:

WAH Foundation is going to strategically start comprehensive programmes to spread the awareness by creating Self Help Groups. These Self Help Groups are supposed to bring to the fore and overcome the various hidden and less talked about aspects of gender discrimination, prevailing in the Indian society.

These Self Help Groups are initially proposed to be formed in the Urban slum locations of Delhi and nearby areas. Since woman is a creature of equal importance, she need to participate in the decision making process which affects the families, society, and the nation at large.

WAH Foundation is planning to mechanize Woman Empowerment Programmes on the following lines.

  1. Spreading awareness about the rights of women guaranteed by the Constitution of India and various other statutes, which will act as a catalyst in the process of confidence building of the women in the Indian Society.
  2. To provide the platform in the form of various activities and programmes which provide market oriented vocational skills to the young girls and women.
  3. Focus on the adult literacy with skill training, so as to enable them to generate income for themselves and their family.
  4. Development of leadership qualities within the various communities, enabling them to connect to the mainstream life and take the best out of the various Government and non-Governmental projects designed to help them.
  5. Spread the awareness among common people through involving women from project locations and using their skills thus generated for vocational purposes which will finally lead to make a better nation and a better society.

Institutional Care

At an estimate, over about 1,00,000 ( One Hundred Thousand) of children in Delhi are deprived of a dignified life and due to the pressing circumstances are made to live on the streets, in need of shelter, care and food.
As a part of its Institutional Care program, WAH Foundation is committed to make all the possible efforts to make a difference to the lives of these children. Majority of such children are the street and run-away children, victims of child abuse, children of lifetime convicts, HIV/ AIDS patients, sex workers, and other vulnerable categories.



WAH Foundation has proposed to set up a Permanent Abode “WAH Village” for these children and other people in the need of care and protection, which would cater to the requirement of the regular counseling, formal and vocational education and latent talent development. The proposed ‘WAH Village’ is a dream project of the WAH Foundation where these children would get individual love and attention, something which they have not got for a long time. They would also be equipped with life-skills to set them on the path to socio-cultural stability and economic independence.
Our mission is to care, nurture and vocationally rehabilitate these children who are deprived of love and support. Moreover the old aged and the mentally challenged would also find space in the “WAH Village” which would provide institutional care in a family-like atmosphere - so that they can lead a mutually supportive and emotionally satisfying life in a community.



At WAH Foundation, as an NGO, we can not stand the thought of turning Away individuals who need our services simply because we do not have sufficient space to accommodate them. Because of the increasing need for assistance in the local area, WAH Foundation has committed to expanding our facility so that we may fully serve the needs of our community citizen who are in need of Love, care and protection.
In order to fulfill our mission, we need more space to carry out our activities. To get the space which we need to serve the community fully, we need the help of all the privileged members of the society.
Consider supporting by making a donation to WAH Foundation. All monies thus raised will be used to secure land and fund construction for our project. With this new space, we will be able to serve much more people each year, which will have a residual positive impact on the community as a whole.

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Due to the space and finance constraints at present, WAH Foundation is forced to work in collaboration/assistance with other organizations and institutions to achieve its goals. In this process the runaway or the abandoned children are directed to the partner Organizations where the necessary provision of academic education and vocational training is made, in addition to the Enhancement of life skills for negotiation and leadership training.
The Aged people in need of care and protection are helped and directed for their admittance through a due process in the available Old Age Homes and others such facilities working for them. These Old aged people are provided adequate preoccupations, necessary medical and other services as per the requirements.

Differently Abled

The Constitution of India ensures equality, freedom, justice and dignity of all individuals and implicitly mandates an inclusive society for all including the persons with disabilities. As per the estimate of the 11th Plan persons with disabilities could be as high as 5-6% of India's total population. This substantial portion of our population needs equal services and opportunities for their over all development, which is also an essential attribute for the inclusive growth. While recognizing the differently-abled people as valuable human resource to our country, there is need to take various initiatives at different levels to bring them at par with the mainstream.


The policies of the government towards the welfare of persons with disabilities have been reflected in the enactments, schemes and through institutions established for development of manpower for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.




WAH Foundation is committed to spread the awareness about the various schemes, programmes, policies and services offered by the government towards empowerment of such people, so that they can benefit to the maximum from the same.


WAH Foundation aims to create platforms, where the differently abled can be groomed to be specially-abled and could jumpstart their journey by having mainstreamed into the regular education and other aspects of life.


WAH Foundation is going to establish small Campuses in near future, at various locations where some special units can be made functional, which shall be dedicated to the differently abled people having been fully equipped with learning aids, fun stations and other amenities, being monitored by a specially trained Human Infrastructure.


Every single effort will bring about a positive change in the lives of many differently abled people.


You can also support WAH Foundation in its efforts by contributing a bit. For donations Click here.


For details contact WAH Foundation: 011-65800744, 011-65800745


The complete documentation mentioned above should be sent to the below address :


247, Roshan Garden, Opp. DESU Colony,
Najafgarh, New Delhi – 110043.

OR you can e-mail the documents (scanned images, wherever applicable) to : or

Mother Nature

Nature has always been an integral part of our existence – the Sun, the Mountains, the Animals; the Trees have always been revered and worshiped by us. Throughout the history of India the holy Rivers - The Ganges, Yamuna, Brahmaputra and others have always had special significance. For thousands of years these rivers have flowed enchanting everyone that walks on their banks. Cores of Indians are living on the banks of these Rivers.


The Foundation is working hard towards awakening and educating people about upkeep of rivers, lakes and other water bodies by organizing various activities having public participation so as to have a deep and wider reach.


We believe in work which has public sense & acceptability to enrich lives with adoptable changes. This is a way to track the philosophical changes along with historical background and its direct applicability in today’s material world.


In today’s fast paced world we tend to get too involved in our own hectic lives to think about larger issues like the environment. To address these concerns pertaining to the Environment, WAH Foundation is forming groups of enthusiasts who perform dedicated study in the fields of Environment Protection and Sustainable Development and disseminate information to the masses on the subject.


We modestly request you to participate in this mission by giving donations and helping us to get sponsorships for the series of Programmes aimed at Environmental Protection and Growth.


Together we can make a difference.....


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For details contact WAH Foundation: 011-65800744, 011-65800745



Intern With Us

  1. Things to Know about the WAH Internship Programme (click here).

  2. Application for Internship (click here).

  1. The following documents are required to be submitted for Internship at WAH Foundation :

  1. 1. Covering Request Letter.

  2. 2. Resume.

  3. 3. Application for Internship (click here).

  4. 4. Recommendation letter from your institute/college/faculty.

  5. 5. Character Certificate issued by any Gazetted Officer.


The complete documentation mentioned above should be sent to the below address :

247, Roshan Garden, Opp. DESU Colony,
Najafgarh, New Delhi – 110043.

OR you can e-mail the documents (scanned images, wherever applicable) to : or