Together We Create a Special World!

Meet WAH Team

Our role is that of an enabler and in so doing, we have not only been trying hard to accomplish our objectives milestones but also to create an institution that is a unique model of a community movement that takes responsibility for its weakest and most vulnerable members and motivates and catalyses change on their behalf.

We work in partnership with individuals and organizations, whom we support financially / non-financially as well as with you, people from all walks of life, who believe in equality for all. Within WAH Foundation too, each function works in unison towards ensuring our vision – “converting social liabilities into socio-economic assets”.

The functions of Development Support (grant making) and Resource Mobilization (fundraising) along with the other functions - Communications, Human Resources & Administration, Youth, Volunteer action, Finance, Planning and Information Technology, Policy and Research and Documentation - all play a critical role in our organization building efforts.